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Instructions & deadlines for the phase 2: preparing observations

Deadline for the OB submission

Instruction for ToO Alert

Before 8 PM (CET)

After 8 PM (CET)

Ongoing and Past Observations: 

In the following pages, users can track the status of ongoing and past runs. The estimates are done on monthly basis, and are update every ~15 days.

Data reduction calendar

VSTcen offers users periodic data reduction learning sessions at the INAF Observatory of Capodimonte. During these 3-day sessions, participants can familiarize with all the data reduction steps using Astro-WISE.

VST users interested in these learning sessions can check the available dates for upcoming sessions following this link and book a slot by contacting

Please note that an Astro-WISE account is required. If you plan to attend a data reduction learning session but do not have an account, please contact us at at least 2 weeks in advance. Additionally, you are required to provide a short acronym for the project, along with a brief description and the program ID.