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Instructions & deadlines for the phase 2: preparing observations

Deadline for the OB submission

Instruction for ToO Alert

Before 8 PM (CET)

After 8 PM (CET)

Ongoing and Past Observations: 

In the following pages, users can track the status of ongoing and past runs. The estimates are done on monthly basis, and are update every ~15 days.

Note: ESO’s communication systems were unavailable for part of May 2024 (P2) due to a cyber attack. As a result, VST observations could not always be carried out according to the schedule.  More details in ESO network affected by cyber incident.

Data reduction calendar

VSTcen offers users periodic data reduction learning sessions at the INAF Observatory of Capodimonte. During these 3-day sessions, participants can familiarize with all the data reduction steps using Astro-WISE.

VST users interested in these learning sessions can check the available dates for upcoming sessions following this link and book a slot by contacting

Please note that an Astro-WISE account is required. If you plan to attend a data reduction learning session but do not have an account, please contact us at at least 2 weeks in advance. Additionally, you are required to provide a short acronym for the project, along with a brief description and the program ID.